Reiki And Angelic Healing / Energy Therapy Sessions

Balancing Chakras(Spiral Spinning Energy Centers)-Stress Reduction-Clearing of Negative Energy-Aura Cleansing-Ancient Art of Healing Mind, Body and Spirit.

Call for an appointment over the phone 407-968-3415, or have a live session in person at the Cassadaga Metaphysical Healing Center in a safe, secure and private haven.

Call 407-968-3415   Reiki Master Diana Bolton



Reiki works with the universal life force, and spiritual God Force energies.  Reiki treatments reduce stress, help fight off disease, balances the body’s chakras, or energy centers. Reiki leaves the client surrounded with loving feelings of well-being transferred to the client, by the Reiki Master channeling Spirit’s Universal Love and Compassion for its creation, being us, the most perfect beings in the God Head’s Universe. It works with your chakras, cleanses your aura, and helps repair the physical and metaphysical body.  If your chakras, or energy centers are not balanced there is a disruption in the flow of healthy ki or energy, which is one of the causes of illness, unhappiness, distress and a host of other problems. A Reiki session helps correct these problems, without transferring any ill effects between the Reiki Master and the Client. Reiki is not a religion. It is an ancient Healing Modality. Some believe that Jesus is the most famous Reiki Healer that ever was. Call for a Reiki Session and ask for Reiki Master Diana – 407-968-3415.

Ask about our private and group Reiki Classes taught at the Cassadaga Metaphysical Healing Center. I can also travel to your home for these sessions and classes.  Love and Blessings to all. I send you compassion and healing.



Master Teacher and Practioner.


Reiki Angelic Healing