Cassadaga Healing Center

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Cassadaga Florida Psychic - Medium - Healing Center & Native American Chapter

Psychic Services In-Person or by Phone are offerings of $35 for 15 minutes, $60 per half hour, and $100 per hour in Cassadaga Florida

For more information or an appointment call (407) 417-1679

 Cassadaga Florida - Pastor Peter Kennell ( Psychic Medium Healer Medicine Man Shaman )

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Reverend  Peter KenNell

Professional: Mystic, Psychic, Medium, Healer, Medicine Man, Counselor, and Teacher of  The Universal God Energy.

Locations: Cassadaga Florida, Sanford, and Orlando Florida, psychic phone readings also available.

Reverend KenNell is a psychic living and practicing in Cassadaga Florida.  He is a Native American Pastor, Medicine Man, and healer of the Nemenhah Band, as well as a member of the Spiritualist National Union.   He is a ordained by the famous non-denominational Christian teacher and healer, Reverend Willard Fuller.   He is also ordained in the ancient Tibetan Medicine Buddha healing practice.  Peter shares his teachings based on his own personal experiences and studies in the metaphysical.  He is currently available for both group and private psychic sessions in Cassadaga Florida and other locations, or you may choose a psychic phone reading.  Reverend KenNell specializes in helping clients with his gifts as a mystic, psychic, medium, Medicine Man, and healer.  He is a former psychic medium at the Cassadaga Hotel, now in private practice.  In addition to counseling and Psychic readings Peter offers Psychic classes and workshops in Orlando, Cassadaga Florida, and Sanford, Florida, on how to tap into your own psychic, mystical, and healing potential as well as courses in spirit photography.

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