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Cassadaga Astrology Readings with Reg
What are you attracted to? What are you seeking? What are they attracted to? What are they seeking? Astrology is a great means for exploring these questions and so much more. The way to begin is by looking at the positions of the stars at the time of your births. Which is exactly what Reg does with you, the map of your stars, projected onto a big screen! Reg is the organizer of a 1300+ member astrology group that meets weekly in downtown Orlando, in addition to teaching classes and workshops throughout the greater Central Florida region.
Compatibility readings with Reg are in-depth and comprehensive, lasting up to 2 hours in length. Readings are scheduled in advance to allow for thorough and proper preparation, so for both of you please provide your accurate birth 1) date 2) time and 3) place. This may very well be the highlight of your trip to Cassadaga, it’s all about you! You’re worth it. Treat yourself, for a donation of $160.

To schedule a reading, use the number or contact form here.

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