Cassadaga Healing Center

Psychic medium Spiritualist Healing

Cassadaga Florida Psychic - Medium - Healing Center & Native American Chapter

Psychic Services In-Person or by Phone are offerings of $35 for 15 minutes, $60 per half hour, and $100 per hour in Cassadaga Florida

For more information or an appointment call (407) 417-1679

Listen to a Sample Readings by Peter

Click Here to Listen to a sample medium reading. Speaking with deceased loved ones

Sample Spiritual Reading about Love-Health-Angels-Tarot

               Click Here to Listen to a Sample of a Psychic Tarot and Medium Reading

            Listen to Peter on talk radio talking about Cassadaga and giving live readings

Click Here to Listen to an Actual Past Life Regression Session

The sample readings on this site were published with full permission from the client.  All sessions are recorded and kept private a copy is sent to you via email only if you desire.  Otherwise no recording will take place.