Cassadaga Florida Past Life Session – a spiritual ceremony with Shaman and Pastor Peter Kennell

Past life ceremonies are conducted in person and are a $150 by donation, in Cassadaga Florida.  The best way to schedule an appointment is to call or text (407) 417-1679

Past Life Session
What is a Past Life Session?

A past life ceremony is a spiritual session that will help you to realize your past lives.  These past lives reside in your spirit.  This technique will unlock your past lives so you can experience these lives.  A session will typically last for approximately one hour and you can experience many lives during one session.  The advantage of knowing your past is to better understand who you were, and why and what you are here to learn and do.  It’s like seeing a movie of your past lives and you are the observer. 

 Let’s face it we are born with different talents and personalities.  It makes sense that we have a past where these talents and traits come from. We can’t possibly learn everything in one lifetime, therefore we come back to settle karma and learn more.  This is called spiritual growth or evolution.