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Exorcist Exorcism, the removal of negative energy by angelic means. Angel worker, shaman, medicine man.

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I know there are spirits all around us, friends and family who have crossed over into God’s eternal light, a heavenly dimension occupying the same space as us. This is a normal transition, going into the light.  I also believe there are others who may have not crossed over for whatever reason.  These spirit energies choose to linger on the earth plane in a parallel dimension.  I can facilitate these confused or haunted ghosts, poltergeists and spirits to cross over into the light.  If they still refuse to go, I will repel these ghosts with an exorcism, with your cooperation.  This can be in your home, work place, or your person.  There are heavenly angels who come from the light, and others that are demonic in nature / a negative force; demons and negative entities.  I can assist repelling these spirits as well.

I have been an exorcist and medium for many years, and have been in many haunted houses and homes.  I have taught people living in these homes how to cleanse these unwanted spirits or to cross them over into the light.  At the very least communicate with these ghosts and determine why they linger.  I am here to help you and to assist the spirits as well in their transition.  In some cases it is necessary to expel the negative demonic spirits, because there is no reasoning with them.  If you’re on this page and you are experiencing this you may feel you have no where to turn, and maybe it’s hard to believe for some of you.  In the past you may have said this only happens in the movies, well now you know that’s not true.  However when you see, feel, or hear a spirit you never forget the experience, believe me I understand.  Sometimes this can be handled over the phone depending on your level of haunting, and the kind of person you are.  I will give you instructions on how to deal with this situation depending on the circumstances.  I may also need to visit your home to personally assist in this matter, and at times I have traveled across the country to deal with these haunting s.

May the angels surround and protect your family.  I give many blessings to all of you.  Pastor Peter Of Cassadaga Florida